Watercolor on paper pulp sculpture, 6.5 x 4 x 2.5 in.

Response to “The King’s Collar(bone)

I was encouraged by that piece to think about death masks and honoring the dead, and while King Tut was a short lived ruler, he still had the most lavish and lasting burial in history. His death mask is recognizable on sight and his name is attached without even needing to think about it. The ancient Egyptians honored their dead royalty in a way intended to last FOREVER, and our culture helps ensure that (the King Tut exhibit traveled the world and only three years ago did it return to Egypt for the foreseeable future). No world leaders get such a treatment today, much less your average person.

They say you die two deaths. First, when your heart stops beating, and second when someone speaks your name for the last time.



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