round, 2020

round tapestry weaving, cotton and acrylic yarn (donated)

response to “Graded on a curve

it’s a round one! also used techniques of rya knots and color blending, which is exactly what it sounds like. I was drawn to the split between greige and rainbows and wanted to show color exploding out of the neutral. excuse my dirty walls.


Graded on a curve

Collage: images of blue water, painted waves, trees, microscopic stuff, fruit and salt, cathedral at sunset, Autumn leaves and branches, painted sand with snippet of poem, and a 5500 yr old Mourning Figure from Egypt

A response to A Study in Gradient

Zoe’s beautiful weaving left me with a very subtle mournful feeling; not sad, more on the thoughtful end of the spectrum. It has an earthy, grounded feel, and a progression from dark to light on a field of sand next to water (as I perceived it) that has an a ascending flavor of life, death, and rebirth.

My response is not so simple, elegant, or integrated, but I tried to capture a similar movement along a spectrum.