About The Artists

Dave and Zoe like excuses to make more art, so we made this blog to provoke each other. It’s like a celebrity smackdown, except there will be no celebrities and not so much smacking. The guidelines are: one of us posts a piece of art (new or from the archives) and the other  throws down a piece of art to ‘play off’ the original piece.

Zoe Maddalena

*not photoshopped

Zoe is a graduate of Cornish School of The Arts, and currently makes jewelry and other art in Seattle. Until she gets herself a copperplate press, she is limited in her ability to make prints, and that should make Certain People want to rise up. Zoe was an early proponent of thrift-store formal wear in the studio.

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Dave Maddalena


Dave is Zoe’s dad. In addition to once making an artist, he also makes art. When he graduated from Bennington College in the eighties, he wore a $15 thrift-store tuxedo, green paisley cummerbund, and a bow tie, widely recognized to be the earliest appearance of the arts collective known as the Cheap-Ass Formalist School (membership: two). At College, he acted and wrote for the theater, made sculpture and tried to paint. He even danced. Now he works with pictures, paragraphs, and people.

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