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The King’s Collar(bone), or, They’ve Thrown Away the Key

Collage: king tut's collar and mask, unknown king or priest, yellow
Collage: king tut’s burial mask and collar, golden bust of an unknown king or priest, yellow. 17″x17″.

A response to “CLAVICLE“.

The first thing I thought of when I saw Zoe’s piece was Tutankhamen’s collar, that gold- and blue-stone- encrusted thing under the famous death mask that covers up his royal clavicle. Whereas Zoe’s “Clavicle” gives the feeling of vulnerability with that suggestion of delicate bone structure beneath casting plaster, the collars of kings (to say nothing of their golden masks) hide their vulnerabilities behind bling. The title of the piece is a play off of the latin root of clavicle—little key.